Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello there

The school holidays has meant numbers for the craft course have dropped as mothers have
had there hands full. It has however worked out will for our needle felting sessions as I have been able to spend quality time with each student. When our busy mums return they too can have some valuable time with me. Its been a real inspiration to watch every one get hooked on needle felting.
A big hello to Carolyne who is in Australia, we are missing you heaps, come back well rested and with heaps of ideals, (remember to visit the craft markets etc) Love and hugs from us all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The felting workshop was a huge hit, and the results were simply stunning.
The Cafe is looking very flash and I will take some pics very soon and upload them asap.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heart Felt workshop

This Tuesday 1st July we were going to have our needle felting workshop. Unfortunately we have to postpone this to 8th July due to the prolonged renovations of the Cafe. The good new is the Cafe is going to look like a million dollars, so make sure you come in and check it out,

Needle Felt work shop 8th July

The cost is only $15.00 per session all materials are provided, and you will have enough wool to complete 2 heart brooches. The Felting needle and foam rubber slab is yours to keep so you can continue to felt at home.
The morning session is already full and the afternoon session is half full so bookings are essential.
Please ring me 3795505 for bookings (if the morning is the only time you can make it ring me and I will see if I can squeeze you in) Scroll down to check out the picture of my heart felt brooch (or click on the girls day out post to the right) which is an example of what we will be making. The images to the left also have a couple of felt hearts, the teddy bear is a future workshop as are the beads.

A big thanks to Southern Comfort Beds Carterton, who donated the foam rubber slabs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So much to create... sew little time

I remember my grandmother telling me that only boring people get bored, I personally cant understand where they find the time. I sometimes fantasy that I will have one of those moments, which would be a great time to find a passion for housework or organizing my studio. As I try to cram all the crafty projects into my week I have found multi tasking takes on a whole new meaning, for example tonight I manged to create six rose rings, watch "how to lose a guy in 10 days" and stab my finger 4 times. Dinner is cooking next door to a pot of roses in a dye bath, a clotheslines filled up with beautifully shrunk jerseys (What must the neighbors think?) and the vacuum is still blocked with my perfectly form felt balls.
This week wizzed past and this Tuesday came around so quickly, marking the end of the first month of Crafte latte. Just look at some of the great crafty latte projects our ladies have completed we are so proud.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesdays Child...has far to go

A great turn out again, with plenty of projects on the go, and three bags almost completed. We had a show and tell, where some of the ladies brought in crafty projects that they were working on at home. The beautiful blue bag on the left was made from home spun wool and knitted by Gloria, the blue and white detail was tacked on just before felting, the rose in the picture well not be on the finished piece, she is considering using a Paua shell button.

The Pink bag to the right was knitted by Donna, seen knitting in the Background, there is also a picture of her Beautiful Candle wick blanket below.

Carolyn whipped up a few tea cosys which proved to be a huge hit.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Girls day out

You never know where you will end up when you you have a day out with Carolyn. shes the kind of lady whom has the most interesting friends and I always look forwarded to our outings.
The first stop was in Greytown at the lovely little shop Ruby sparkles, Where we took in some of the crafts produced by us under the Crafte latte and Cupboardluv branding. Nickie the Gorgeous owner of Ruby Sparkles was very encouraging, her enthusiasm was very much appreciated as its not always easy taking your wares to a shop, not unlike asking someone if they think your baby is beautiful.
The picture is of one of my needle felted Hearts pins, they infused with real lavender, when squeezed they smell divine.A really special gift to give a stressed friend as lavender is so relaxing. I plan to have a workshop on making them in July.

We then took off to lower Hutt.....

Where I was dropped off to look at a shop called "three buckets full" A little further down the street was the French Bakery (very nice) where we had lunch , the highlight however for the day was a visit to Anastasia's a popular fashion boutique, where I met Carolyn's wonderful Friend Anastasia..after a quick chat, she insisted that we come out back to the nerve center of her business the sewing room.

Anastasia gave us a demonstration of how quickly she could whip up a top, 2 minutes cutting, 3 minutes over locking and a minute or 2 turning the hem, now thats my kind of sewing, whats more the top was stunning.
Its hard to sit by idly in such a creative environment, eyeing up a her waste paper basket filled to the brim with ribbon like scraps of fabric, out came the knitting needles and while she was serving a customer I quickly made a flower. Unfortunately I left my camera at home so when I came home I knitted another.
This time I added wool so that I could felt it, the result is somewhat like what my mother in laws type person's cat Aggie would thrown up, perhaps it will improve on drying . I recommend you visit Anastasia's store if you are in Lower Hutt, shes such an inspiration .


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cant stop smiling !

Theres something special about the magic that happens when women come together in the name of creativity, the rhythmic clicking of needles, the counting of stitches, not to mention fantastic conversations , its true I just cant stop smiling.
This Tuesday was not with out its hitches how ever , the pattern I posted on my

cupboardluv blog has a few glitches in the leaf part of the pattern. I will go in and make the necessary changes very soon (I will also post a note to say when this is done) . We looked at patterns posted on the the following sites :

We had quite a crowed on the morning and it was great to see people from the first week helping the newcomers with there knitting, the afternoon was much quieter (very relaxing ) if there is anyone interested in joining us for the afternoon sessions please contact me , Victoria Te Tau on 3795505, I will be very happy to take your booking.

Next week we will look at the making of of a knitted felt necklace, I will upload pictures and material lists asap so check back soon.